Home of the CommuniD BBQs

Thaddeus Hambrick

I’ve got an extra special feeling about this Saturday in Detroit! Join us and help make it special! The picture below is of my friend Thaddeus. Thaddeus used to be a dealer and went by Pony (because of his pony tails). He encountered the risen Christ through relationships and love at the CommuniD BBQs in Detroit. He stopped selling crack and started following Christ. For Thaddeus, following Christ meant losing his income (selling crack), his friends, his home and eventually his life. People he used to work for had him killed because he stopped selling. Following Christ is not free. Sharing Christ isn’t either. Thaddeus and I talked many times before, during and after his decision as well as after people began trying to kill him. Although he often shared with me the difficulties he was facing, he never once second guessed his decision to follow Christ no matter the cost. What an amazing brother in Christ who is now worshiping in Heaven!

Here’s a link to this Saturday’s Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/154480478055957

Thaddeus in the summer Thaddeus in the winter


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