Home of the CommuniD BBQs

Harding Group!

The first week in March, Elevate Detroit was lucky enough to play host to a group of college students from Harding University.

These six students traveled to Michigan to spend their spring break learning about the situation, hope and history here in the Detroit area.  They saw a lot and were able to experience many different aspects of the way Jesus is being spread through this city including, but not limited to:

–          Visiting several churches including Awakenings Movement, The Green Room, Rochester Church of Christ and Kensington Community Church.

–          Hearing about the outreach and love being shared with prostitutes through 70×7 ministries.

–          Cleaning up parks in Pontiac and Detroit.

–          Seeing community development through Central Detroit Christian and Grace Centers of Hope.

–          And watch Cole run around like a crazy person as he is trying to build Micah 6 Community.

We here at Elevate want to thank everyone who came together to make this happen, want to thank the students that came to encourage us and see the work that we are doing here.


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