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November 2011 Newsletter

What a month!! This newsletter’s going to be a bit longer than normal, but we’ll be as brief as we can. PLEASE read it all!

This month:
– Haiti trip
– Intern Cole
– Pontiac
– Thanksgiving
– Chizzy CAM

This past Friday (November 4th) we said au revoir to our brave and fearless Haiti crew.
Derick, Amanda, Lindsey and Alex will be returning back to Detroit next Monday at 2:30 in the afternoon with surely a tan (or burn) and many stories and pictures to share.

Stay tuned for future trips next year to Africa, back to Haiti and possibly somewhere stateside. Stay tuned at: www.alittlegracemi.org or e-mail

Cole the Intern from Arkansas…

Check out his autobiographical blog post and the video of his initiation ceremony here: https://elevatedetroit.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/announcing-me-the-new-intern/

Pontiac CommuniD BBQ!?!? Yes!! (click for Facebook launch event)
Thanks to partnerships with Kensington Community Church – Orion Campus, Rochester 1st Assembly of God and Faith Church in Rochester Hills!
Launching November 19th and on the 3rd Saturday of every month after. 1:00pm in Baldwin Park (at the corner of E. Howard St. & Edison St.)
For more info e-mail or call (313) 444-0463.

Many of you were at our Christmas Day sit-down BBQ this past December. Tables and chairs to sit 90 people weren’t nearly enough as we sat around and had a family style meal outside under the beautiful late December sunshine.

We plan to do the same the same this Thanksgiving Day. This time we should have plenty of tables and chairs to go around. We will need lots of help setting up and tearing down before and after the CommuniD BBQ.

Bring lots of hot, cooked food!
For more info e-mail or call (313) 444-0463.

Chizzy CAM… TV and a BBQ
…is an online TV show every Tuesday evening from 8:00-11:00pm. It is filmed and aired live from the uDetroit Café and at http://uDetroitcafe.com. Chizzy is the name of the main host and CAM stands for Charity, Arts and Music.

Tuesday, November 22nd Chizzy CAM will be featuring elevate Detroit and the CommuniD BBQs!

As a part of this feature we plan to have a CommuniD BBQ outside the uDetroit Café. We could use lots of help running and supplying the BBQ that evening. We have NO idea what to expect numbers-wise. So… true to our Spirit-led, organic style… pray about how much to bring and bring that. And we’ll see what the Lord has in store. We need people to arrive at 7:00pm to setup and get things going. I do not expect the BBQ portion to go all the way until 11:00.
For more info e-mail or call (313) 444-0463.

There are lots and lots of other events at various points in the oven. And none of them can happen without all of us working togheter. Please let us know your gifts/strengths and we’d be happy to put you to work!

For more information about elevateDetroit, A Little Grace or the events we’re doing, e-mail mike@elevatedetroit.com or check out the Facebook fan page or our Twitter feed.

Grace and peace,

Mike Schmitt, Amanda Vizzini and the team
(313) 444-0463

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As Dorothy Day said, “If you have two coats, one of them belongs to the poor.”


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