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Announcing (Me), The New Intern

Greetings readers of this fine blog and supporters of elevate Detroit with A Little Grace. My name is Cole Yoakum and I am the newest edition to the Elevate/ALG team.

I grew up in central Arkansas, but about five months ago really felt God leading me and prodding me to move to Detroit. So, on August first I sold everything that I owned (literally) and drove to Detroit. I have spent the last three months working for Kensington Community Church as a church planting intern, but had a strong pull toward on-the-ground relational work. They were kind enough to release me to work for Elevate Detroit and that is how I arrived at where I am.

I have been doing some minor ghost writing around this blog for a couple of weeks now and cannot wait to start filling out more official duties here at Elevate.

My background is mostly in social work. I have most of my degree in Social Science from Harding University, worked for a year as a staff supervisor at Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter and for a brief time at a drug treatment center in central Arkansas. I have been brought in as a Marketing guy for Elevate which will be interesting because Elevate is a more organic and relational fundraiser than I am used to, so this will be an adventure.

Thank you guys for allowing me the opportunity to serve in this way. I cannot wait to meet and get to know the broader community that makes up Elevate Detroit. Lets do coffee!

You can find me at:

NOTE: Mike and Amanda may link to an incriminating video of someone who looks a lot like me singing a terrible song that no one remembers. Don’t believe it.

Added by Mike… you be the judge…

Cole Yoakum the intern’s official initiation process from Elevate Detroit on Vimeo.

As with any good organization… we like to see what your strengths and weaknesses are before we hire you. And by hire… I don’t mean pay.

Cole’s gifts? Not rhythm or singing. 🙂


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