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Prayer Team Story

With all the preparations and hard work that goes into the CommuniD BBQ I thought everyone should take a moment, take a deep breath and get ready to join in the celebration with us and in heaven.

We have started setting up a prayer table in the southeast corner of the park at Second and Selden this past Saturday. We were unsure how it would go or be received by those in the community, but if anything is worth a shot, it’s prayer.

On its first official day a man named Michael walked up. He wanted to pray for the strength and confidence to do the right things with his money. He laughed and reassured us that he didn’t have a lot. In the past he had given to the church but recently was using it for more destructive things. He had even gone as far as to have anointing oil poured over his wallet.

As the conversation progressed it became clear that Michael was sober but under the impression that he was saved because he gave money to the church. “God doesn’t want your money,” we said. “He wants your heart.”

We could tell by Michael’s initial reaction that he was stunned and a bit curious. This gave way to a sense of disappointment because he was counting on that as a means of atonement. We talked to Michael about the message of the gospel and his reply was “I want that.”

We prayed with Michael. He renounced his old life and told God he wanted to be a new man because of what Jesus did on the cross. When he had finished this prayer he started stumbling backwards saying “I feel it, I feel it!”

We gave him a Bible, read a couple more scriptures with him and continued our conversation. As we wrapped up, Michael jumped on his bike and rode away shouting for joy and pumping his fist in the air.

What an awesome way to start a new prayer team! We created a list that day of people and needs in the community to pray for. The prayer table, chairs and materials will be staying in the green trailer. Needless to say, we’re going to keep it going.

– Story by Scott Wakefield


One response

  1. R.J.

    That is such an awesome story…prayer is FOR REAL. God is FOR REAL!

    October 22, 2011 at 11:34 pm

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