Home of the CommuniD BBQs


I showed up to help at a barbecue recently. Climbing out of my car I see my friends, walk around and say my hellos to everyone. I noticed Fred, a regular with a big personality and servant’s heart hanging in the back. I saw that he had a bandage wrapped around his knee and he was limping a little bit.

We talked and prayed together. He said he had hurt his knee pretty bad that week but that he was so excited to come to help at the BBQ that he could not stay home. Despite his injury his love for others and desire to serve shined through, limping and all. It was just one more example of how people from the suburbs are not the only ones who come out here to serve.

As the BBQ progressed and everyone had a full plate or a full belly I caught Fred out of the corner of my eye again. Only this time he was on his knees, his hurting knees. As I moved toward him and saw one of the most beautiful sights my eyes had ever seen. He was holding the hand of a precious seven-year-old and praying for Christ to come into her heart and guide her and direct her in all her ways. This prayer went on for a solid 3-4 minutes. All around the two of them was laughter, noise and they were just still, as if no one else was in the park. They were worshipping God and calling out to Jesus. The little girl was receiving the prayers. Her eyes were shut tightly and her head was tilted up.

When it hit me what was going down, I thought to get what I could on video. It’s not often we can capture an image that so closely mirrors the heart of this ministry in such a tangible way like this.

After they prayed the little girl wrapped her arms around him and said, “Thank you, Fred!” I started crying. Fred walked over toward me and said “She just walked up to me and asked me to pray for her, so she could know God.”

– Story by Lindsey Fischer


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